Grottammare and surroundings

Surprise, amazement, wonder.... really unexpected images and views are all concentrated in one small town. The mild, temperate climate, the beach with its fine golden sand, the alleyways and natural "balconies" of the medieval town, the green seafront with its decorative and majestic palms and the splendid Liberty Avenue have always attracted people in search of a holiday with a human dimension. If elsewhere tourism has become an industry, here it still has a "crafted" character- more liveable and personalized. In Summertime, Grottammare offers a number of events. "Cabaret amore mio!" is the most famous of them, with national and international artists. Along the streets of the town, you can find works of the most important artists born in grottammare, Pericle Fazzini and Guido Venieri. At a few kilometres from Grottammare you can sightsee several beautiful medieval towns, such as Ripatransone, Acquaviva Picena, Offida, Torre di Palme, each of them with its particular features and charm.